I started my career as a physicist at CERN, where I had to solve problems about the origin of the universe and deal with the complexity of massive data generation and analysis. I was embedded in a culture of open innovation and collaboration that shaped forever the way I work and approach day-to-day challenges in every domain.

I later earned an MBA while working full time and supported Swiss Re executing its Tech Transformation strategy. I managed the relationships with Swiss Re’s technology partners in Palo Alto and Silicon Valley at large, Cambridge, MA (MIT) and Israel. 

As global product lead, I managed the Risk Resilience Center, a B2B platform based on Palantir Foundry, conceived to accelerate Swiss Re’s and its clients’ understanding of C-19. The platform evolved into a multidisciplinary space where academia met with the private sector to enable collaborative R&D about mega risks.

My analytical mind enjoys thinking out of the box, and I like breaking complex problems into smaller pieces. I follow the Tech industry closely and I am constantly investigating the possibilities that new technologies open to traditional industries.

I am currently solving the world’s hardest problems at Palantir.

You can find me at @kaluza and know more about me on LinkedIn. I also write occasionally on The Smoke Sellers, a blog about science and technology that I co-founded in 2005 and that was featured as one of the top Spanish blogs in 2008.

My views on this blog are very much my own.

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