Héctor started his career as a physicist at CERN, where he had to solve problems about the origin of the universe and deal with the complexity of massive data generation and analysis. He was embedded in a culture of open innovation and collaboration that shaped forever the way he works and approaches day to day challenges in every domain.

He later earned an MBA while working full time and gathered hands-on experience in corporate finance and strategy while creating a portfolio modeling tool in the Underwriting Strategy team at Swiss Re.

His analytical mind enjoys thinking out of the box and he likes breaking complex problems into smaller pieces. He follows closely the tech industry and he is constantly investigating the possibilities that new technologies open to traditional industries.

Héctor is currently applying his skills and experience to help his organization execute its Tech Transformation strategy. He manages the relationships with Swiss Re’s technology partners in Palo Alto and Silicon Valley at large and he is working on extracting value when fundamental technologies are deployed in the different links of the value chain.

You can find him @kaluza and know more about him on LinkedIn. He also writes occasionally on The Smoke Sellers, a blog about science and technology that he co-funded  in 2005 and that was featured as one of the top Spanish blogs in 2008.

The views on his blog are his own.

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