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Bundling and Unbundling

When we were taking Netscape public, our trip through Europe ended in London. It was our last show, and we were in a big hurry to get the plane. We were at the Savoy Hotel, and the ballroom was full of all these British investment bankers. We gave our normal pitch. Peter Currie, our CFO, and I were doing it.

We got through and took all their questions, and I said, all right, one last question, ’cause we were in a hurry. And this fella, he says, you know, how do you know if Microsoft isn’t just going to bundle a browser into their product, something to that effect. And I said– really just to end the conversation– I said, well, gentlemen, there’s only two ways I know of to make money– bundling, and unbundling. And I said, we’ve got an airplane to catch, and we left.

And Peter Currie was walking out the door, he said, those people are looking at you, Barksdale, like you’re crazy. He said, what did you just say?

Jim Barksdale, Netscape CEO