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The day I met Kevin Kelly

The day I met Kevin Kelly

On November 2019, I had the chance to attend the a16z Summit Summit. The agenda included a session with Kevin Kelly and Marc Andreessen on why we should optimistic about the future.

And it was during one of the Summit breaks that I bumped into Kevin Kelley. Armed with courage, I timidly introduced myself. And I thank him for Wired, for letting me dream about a better future since 1997, the year I started studying physics and get to know about the magazine. I thank him for giving me and my best friends hope. Hope in that we were not wrong, that science and technology would build a better future, that a “hippie toy” OS called Linux that made us all happy, and allowed us to experiment, was something more. That Apple was doomed and then it was not. That Google was something special. That Sun and Silicon Graphics were building hardware from another planet and then they vanished into space.

Thank you Mr Kelly. Thank you for everything.

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